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BA Fabricators And Engineers Pvt. Ltd offers an extensive range of in-house metal fabrication services to provide custom-engineered metal products. Our heavy metal fabrications are tailored to your unique requirements based on your drawings. We start with quality unprocessed materials to construct equipment and various configuration structures. Our efficient and timely processes allow you to reduce your sourcing time and costs.

We have wide range of Machines and Equipments for quality and heavy Fabrication work like MIG Welding Machines, Welding Rectifiers, Plasma cutting Machine, HMT Drill Machines, Roller, Bending, Sheering Machines and more than 50 Lathe Machines. Our workshop is also equipped with an EOT crane capable of handling 10 MT Jobs on the shop floor.

List of Plant & Machinery

S. No. Description Capacity Qty
1. Shearing Machine 2mm to 10 mm 1 No.
2. Power Press 30 tonnes 2 Nos.
3. Power Press 50 tonnes 1 No.
4. Power Press 100 tonnes 2 Nos.
5. Lathe Machine 6” to 16” 21 No.
6. Welding Machines DC Ractifier 400Amps 11 Nos.
7. Mig welding Machine 400 amps 9 Nos.
8. Drill Machine 0.5” to 1.5” 7 Nos.
9. Hand Drill Machine Upto 15 mm 2 Nos.
10. Bending Machine Upto 6mm 2 Nos.
11. Roller Machine Upto 5 mm 1 No.
12. Tool bit grinder 12” 2 Nos.
13. Hand Grinder 9” 6 Nos.
14. Air Compressor 7.5 HP 2 Nos.
15. Surface grinder 23”x12” 1 No.
16. Gen Set 162 kva 1 No.